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We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the Anything For A Friend (AFAF) Foundation. As the foundation begins its 7th year, we are looking to build on our core sponsors that have been the keystone of this foundation and ultimately give to those who have been affected by cancer. What makes the AFAF Foundation stand out is unlike other organizations that support a single type of cancer; AFAF will financially support all types of cancer, as well as support strategic initiatives that will have a direct impact on families affected by this disease.

Through a lean organizational structure of the AFAF foundation, this allows us to provide significantly more financial support to those in serious need over a shorter time frame. AFAF does not receive any public assistance and is guided, solely, by dedicated volunteers. Our only sources of revenue will be the fees paid by participants of our events and donations received from generous individuals and businesses. In order to make this foundation a greater success, we are giving businesses, families, and friends the opportunity to help our dreams become a reality by joining our team.

Thus support from key businesses, like yours, is paramount to ensuring the spirit of this foundation, and ultimate success, by assisting those families in need. With this, we are offering you the opportunity to be a pioneer business in supporting the AFAF Foundation, so that we can give more to the families & patients that need our support most. While any amount you donate or sponsorship level you select will be greatly appreciated, certain donations will provide you with some valuable business marketing and advertising tools.

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AFAF Foundation has many sponsorship opportunities throughout the year. As a non-profit organization with 501(c)3 status, sponsorhips and donations are tax deductible.